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Happy Sunday! 

This week I finally got to reveal a bathroom project I did a couple years back, and completed a patio installation for a lovely couple in Cumberland! We’ve been busy bees here at the SPD hive.

Today’s blog is the final installment in the Feng Shui series!

Next Sunday a new series all about “Types of” will begin. I hope that you enjoyed this first series and that you found the topic enlightening. 

I hope that youre having a wonderful weekend.


As you’re most likely already aware,  colours  impact your mood, so choosing paint colours for your home, is a serious matter. In Feng Shui, every colour represents a different element in life, and in turn, affects your energy.

  • Red: is a stimulating colour and is vibrant and passionate.
  • Orange: is an uplifting colour that promotes joy and happiness.
  • Yellow: is a symbol of power, stimulates health, wisdom and patience.
  • Green: is a representation of growth, new beginning, and healing and freshness.
  • Blue-greens: Represents youth and inspires confidence. Since it has green in it, they also represent new beginnings.
  • Deep blues: they infuse wisdom and introspection.
  • Purple: it inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity.
  • Pink: symbolizes love, romance, friendship and partnership.
  • Brown: some might shy away from using brown, but it offers stability and a sense of security.
  • Gray: another colour might shy away from because of its gloomy effect, but in Feng Shui the colour grey invites helpfulness and symbolizes harmonious unions of black and white.
  • White: Cultivates clarity, precision and communication.
  • Black: Contemplative colour that encourages reflection and mystery.




The element of water is represented by the blue tones while the element of fire is represented by the reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples. The element of wood is represented by the green and brown tones, and metal is represented by the greys. Earth is represented by light yellow and “skin colours” and promotes stability and nourishment.