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Now that I live in the suburbs I regard every trip downtown as a real treat.  I try to maximize the occasion and that usually involves satisfying my taste buds.  Recently, I met up with a friend for coffee at a relatively new coffee shop on Elgin Street downtown.

The_Ministry_of_CoffeeBased on rave reviews posted on Urban Spoon, I chose The Ministry of Coffee. Wow! The moment I walked in, I was delighted by the interior design.  I totally loved the subdued atmosphere, the décor was relaxing and the barista was friendly. The designer in me was completely charmed by this coffee-house chic. And my taste buds were pretty pleased as well!

General lighting at The Ministry of Coffee is from egg-shaped pendant lights for a nicely subdued effect.  Accent lighting stands out on floor to ceiling black panels and leads your eyes to the artwork on the walls. The overall black and white colour scheme is clean and crisp but it’s softened by warm tones of natural wood.

ClocksA coffee-house chic look can easily be recreated in your kitchen.  With the right selection of lighting, paint and accessories you don’t have to invest in a costly complete renovation.  You can successfully get that coffee-house chic look – or any look – by making sure the details and accents your chose fit together. Just follow the same style – it’s that straightforward.  To help you get some ideas I’ve included some photos from various supplier catalogues.



Keep it simple

Great for organizing!

Now, go and create your own coffee-house chic kitchen!

What’s your favourite place for their coffee-house chic décor? I’d love to know!