Coffee with Saree – Series

June 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

Hello dear readers! 

I hope you had a wonderful week! I’ve been quite busy prepping for installations scheduled for early next week! I am so excited to see what the finished product will look like; it is always so rewarding seeing my vision come to life and see the joy on Clients’ faces. Be sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to get some sneak peaks and eventually the end result! 


As promised, today’s post is a continuation of the Feng Shui series and all about how to improve the vibe in your entry way and staircase.

  1. Front door/entry

The first thing that people see when they visit your home is the front door. It is through the front door that energy enters your home. Did you know that if your front and back doors align it is bad for your home’s Feng Shui? That’s because your energy enters and leaves directly. You want it to stay and flow throughout your house – not directly out of it!


      2. Stairs

Your stairs are not bad Feng Shui but the quality of the energy is seen as unsettling because the energy can spread throughout your home. The worst Feng Shui for stairs is if they are facing the front door or are in the centre of the home. You want the centre to be the kitchen or the bedroom.

Also, avoid open spaces between your steps and avoid using metal ramps in a wood-element zone.

To help improve the Feng Shui try using lighting with a strong presence – this could mean one large statement piece like a chandelier or several eye catching wall sconces. Displaying art or photographs in visually strong frames and the choice of lighting will help ground and calm the energy. Moreover, when choosing colours and materials for the frames choose according to the specific Bagua element of that zone.

Another way to better the Feng Shui in your stairs is by incorporating beautiful or unique architectural features like mouldings or wainscoting.

If you have a landing step in your staircase, add a sculpture or a lush plant in a chic pot. The plants will improve the air quality and, in turn, improve the energy spread through your home.

*If your stairs are located in a Bagua area where they can benefit from the water-element, consider the addition of a small fountain or, more practically, a framed mirror.


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