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Hello again! 

Today I want to explore a new trend: Tropicana! Who said you need a vacation to visit the tropics? Now the tropics can come to you, and at a much lower price!

Pillows, wallpapers, furniture – if you can think it it’s been Tropicana-d! With this post I’ll present different and typical prints and patterns that are associated with this trend through wallpaper. Milton & King have a gorgeous assortment of quality wallpapers that are all unique and playful. 

When talking to friends or even other decorators, the verdict on this new trend was split; half absolutely loved it and were on board and excited to try it out, and for the other half it just wasn’t their cup of tea. I think that this is a playful and interesting new trend. And for those who aren’t bold enough to cover a whole room or wall in a loud wall paper, pillows and accessories are an easy way to ease into the Tropics.

Now that you’ve established if this is something that you like or would rather pass on, let’s look at the different patterns and prints! The most recognizable pattern is the one of large banana leaves! A fun twist on this pattern is changing the hues of the leaves. Milton &King have this bold turquoise pattern that I think would add some vibrancy to a bathroom. Moreover, leaves are generally a staple print of Tropicana. Palms leaves are another popular motif. I think that green leaves are more versatile than a colourful take on the pattern. For the flower-lovers out there, don’t worry, Milton &King have ensured that you will find a tropical floral wallpaper that you will love. Here is an example of a wallpaper that features a mix of pastel, vibrant flowers, and toucans!


Furthermore, when thinking about the tropics, the exotic birds really stand out to me. Their plumage is so bright and kaleidoscopic! Milton &King have perfectly captured this with their Watercolour Birds wallpaper. The colours bleed into one another so naturally and reflect the reality of the plumage.

I may be biased because I love the colour pink, but my favourite patterns featured in the Tropicana trend is the one of the flamingo. I love that with the Tropic Like It’s Hot motif Milton &King balanced the greenery and the flamingos in such a way that they both shine but do not compete with each other!


Let me know what wallpaper you would pick for yourself and in which room you would feature it!



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